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Sep 27 2013

Chell's reusable foam popperPopular Contributor: mikechell

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: Foam Poppers/Sliders Surface
Bugs & Baits: Cricket Hopper
Fish: Bass Panfish
Recipe viewed 6702 times. Recipe ID: 987655986

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Chell's reusable foam popper

Any size, bent shank popper hook (I don't know a "real" name)
I am cheap ... since it's all covered, sewing thread, you choose the color.
biot or hair strands to mimic tail barbels of a cricket, etc.
Body Hackle
Your choice, I've used hackle, but I prefer synthetic hair dubbing brush.
Rubber legs, two tied for a "knee" on the rear, sewed through the foam for the fronts
plug punched out of flip flops

I got tired of stripping all the material off a hook and retying the entire fly after only a few fish.  I come up with this idea so I could just replace the part that gets destroyed.

The foam body is glued on after all the tail materials have been secured to the hook.  Since the foam is the part that gets torn up when catching panfish and bass, it can be replaced very easily.