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Aug 28 2012

ByColour Nymph (Reverse tied) Contributor: Crackaig

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: Nymph
Bugs & Baits: Misc Bug
Fish: Grayling Trout
Color(s): Brown Yellow
Recipe viewed 4187 times. Recipe ID: 987655958

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ByColour Nymph (Reverse tied)

Swimming nymph hook size to suit the natural
Colour to match under body. Any quality fine 6/0 or 8/0 will do.
Natural or dyed dark pheasant tail.
Hare's ear dubbing, I like them quite spiky
Copper wire, you can use coloured copper wire if you like. Size should be appropriate to the hook size.
Bleached and dyed yellow pheasant tail.

Some years ago my performance nymph fishing took a dive on one particular river, the River Calder in Yorkshire. Turning some stones revealed what may have been the problem. The nymphs on this river had a particularly bright yellow underside. The instant solution was woven nymphs, but I was sure that there must be a simpler solution. After much thinking about it this tying method was the solution. Originally I tied it the "right way around". Then when playing with some swimming nymph hooks I found it was easily tied reversed. These seem to work just as well, if not better. These are usually fished dead drift so the reverse tying makes no difference and the improvement in shape makes the change worth while.

If you want a weighted nymph you can add weight under the thorax. Or even put a  bead into the thorax.