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Jul 26 2011

Hise's Carp NastyPopular Contributor: DHise
Website: Visit It !

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Classification: Freshwater Saltwater
Bugs & Baits: Attractor Crustaceans
YouTube User: GiantTrevally
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Hise's Carp Nasty

Hise's CarpNasty was designed by Dave Hise some 15 years ago and has evolved since that point. It was designed as an impressionistic pattern to represent various small critters that many freshwater fish consume; carp and smallies particularly like it. It can also be used for various saltwater species, particularly redfish (use a stainless steel hook).

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  • By: tgoodwater2002
  • Date: 04/28/12
great fly1

That looks like a great fly and I can't wait to tie one up!! Thank you!!