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May 21 2011

The Boney Bream Pattern Contributor: cassje

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Category: Subsurface
Bugs & Baits: Bait Fish
Fish: Bass
Color(s): Olive White
Recipe viewed 3258 times. Recipe ID: 987655867

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The Boney Bream Pattern

Mustad # 6 Stainless Can be tied up to 3/0 for Bara
Unithread white 6
White Bucktail and clear Slinky fibre
Form a neat head large enough to stick on the gold and black eyes. Epoxy and spin to form a neat,even head.
Select a suitable length of DNA light green fibres and tie in at the head.
Form a neat taper with the fibres so when wet will have a good profile in the water.

The Boney Bream Pattern is tied to represent the Boney bream that are a staple food for Australian Bass,Saratoga and Baramundi. The fly has no added weight except for the hook and epoxy head.

Fished with a floating line sub surface with a slow strip and a long pause the fly is a good fish taker.