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Mar 16 2011

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Carp Crack

Mustad 34007/S71SZ, Size 6
UNI-thread 6/0, Red
Medium Centipede Legs, Hot Orange
Seal Substitute Dubbing, Burnt Orange
Front Hackle
Ruffed Grouse or Hungarian Partridge, Dark/Brown
Seal Substitute Dubbing, Burnt Orange
#8 Bead chain, orange

Carp Crack is a great generalist type pattern that mimics small crawfish or baitfish. The rubber legs and profile of the bead chain eyes are the selling point of this fly to the fish. While the pattern was developed primarily for carp fishing, it is also effective on bass and panfish as well, especially smallmouth bass. The beauty of this pattern is its sheer simplicity. The body is applied using the touch dubbing technique, twisting the thread to form a dubbing brush. This allows for a full body, and buggy appearance.

Check out these two articles from my blog for more info! We've got two turntables and a microphone and Emo
Note: This pattern can be tied in any variety of colors, with peacock, olive, orange, rust, and grey being the most popular.