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Mar 16 2011

Thunderbird Contributor: roughfisher
Website: Visit It !

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Classification: Freshwater
Category: Attractor Bead Head Nymph Soft Hackle Subsurface Tungsten
Bugs & Baits: Attractor Mayfly Misc Bug Salmonfly Skwalla Stonefly
Fish: Carp Catfish Steelhead Trout
Color(s): Black
Recipe viewed 3337 times. Recipe ID: 987655852

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Mustad 34007/S71SZ, Size 8
UNI-thread 6/0, Black
4mm Tungsten
Moose Mane
Seal Substitute Dubbing, Black/Peacock
Front Hackle
Ruffed Grouse or Partridge, Dark
Seal Substitute Dubbing, Black/Peacock

Tying up a Boreal Bomber dressed in all black has always conjured up visions of the Thunderbird in my head. Look at a pictograph of the great thunderbird and you will notice a similarity in the profiles of each. This pattern is a perfect homage to Binesi, the anishinaabeg word for thunderbird. It is composed of components from the great white north like moose mane and ruffed grouse, colloquially known as the thunderbird, due to its loud drumming. In addition, the tungsten head allows the fly to dredge deep, thundering along the rocky riffles.

Check out this article from my blog for more info! Thunderbirds
Note: This pattern can also be tied in “red phase” using fox squirrel for tail and Roughfisher’s custom spectral seal sub dubbing, KB “Kind Buds” for the body and thorax.