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Oct 24 2010

The Evening Scratch Contributor: Fly Rod D

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Classification: Freshwater
Category: All Purpose Subsurface
Bugs & Baits:
Fish: Bass
Recipe viewed 3127 times. Recipe ID: 987655799

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The Evening Scratch

Tiemco 8089 (Size 6)
Brown Flat Waxed Nylon
Spirit River Mottlebou
Gold Krystal Flash
Brown/Green Variegated Chenille
Body Hackle
Rootbeer Palmer Chenille
Yellow or Orange Rubber Legs
Small Dumbbell Eye

My version of the Holschlag Hackle Fly.  Wapsi's Rootbeer Palmer Chenille is far more durable than the hackle used in the original pattern.  If you haven't experimented with Wapsi's Palmer Chenille you need to pick some up...great stuff.

Holschlag uses regular old brown marabou, but Spirit River's Mottlebou is so much better.  The variegated color and action in the water in nicer in my opinion.

The body is nothing more than chenille, but again it is variegated.  I opted for a brown and green Wapsi variegated chenille.  I have also tied this pattern with a leech yarn body, but found the chenille with the palmer chenille overwrap was better,

I feel the key to this fly is it's durability (and it's buggy looking too!), this pattern is truely bulletproof.  You'll lose it in the rocks long before it ever falls apart.

Try the Evening Scratch under a small stricke indicator for smallies.  Let it "tick" off the rocks and you will be in business before you know it!

I've also caught walleye, catfish, white bass, perch, hulk bluegill, largemouth and carp on this pattern.  Good luck