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Oct 11 2010

Stimulator Contributor: Juan
Website: Visit It !

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: All Purpose Attractor Deer Hair Surface Terrestrial
Bugs & Baits: Caddis Hopper Misc Bug Salmonfly Stonefly Yellow Sally
Fish: Trout
Color(s): Brown Orange Tan Yellow
Recipe viewed 4286 times. Recipe ID: 987655792

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TMC 200R, MFC, 7002 #4-16
UTC 70 Deiner or MFC 8/0 Flour. Fire Orange
Nature's Spirit Deer Hock
X-Small copper Wire
Nature's Spirit Fine Dubbing or Antron Dubbing, Orange
Whiting Farms Neck Hackle, Brown and Grizzly
Elk Hair
Nature's Spirit Fine Dubbing or Antron Dubbing, Yellow

The Stimulator is one of my favorite flies to tie and to fish. Year after year, I find a "Stimi" tied to the end of my fly line, usually while I am on some pocket water or a small to medium sized stream. It works well in a hopper/dropper set up, usually holding up a BH Prince Nymph or BH Pheasant Tail. While fishing the tailwaters, this is usually not my first choice as an attractor, but on the freestone rivers like the Arkansas, it is definitely in the top 3 for an attractor.

Over the years, there has been many "additions" to this fly, but I generally prefer the "standard" or original style over the pimp my Stimi styles. Now I have plenty of these tied with legs and overwings stashed in my boxes, but I find the original style usually works just fine.

As for colors, the orange/yellow body and yellow/orange body is a great start, but don't forget to try these in a peacock style or a golden tan color for both Caddis and Golden Stoneflies.

I think if I had only one choice to carry a dry fly for the rest of my fly fishing days, I would have trouble making a case for not picking this pattern. It covers the Caddis, Golden Stones, Salmonflies, Hoppers, Yellow Sallys and a few others here and there so well, the fish can't resist it.

The following pattern is how I like to tie my Stimulators. A well tied pattern will last for many fish and makes for a more enjoyable day on the stream not having to change flies so many times. I don't mind changing out flies after a fish has chewed it to shreds, I just prefer that I don't have to do it after 3 fish.