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Aug 25 2010

Peeping Caddis Contributor: Thomas Harvey

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: Attractor Deer Hair Larva Subsurface
Bugs & Baits: Caddis
Fish: Trout
Color(s): Black Brown White Yellow
Recipe viewed 2807 times. Recipe ID: 987655777

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Peeping Caddis

Medium or heavy wire 3x long
6/0 Uni Olive
Split shot
Dark Brown, White, Black Deer Hair
Pale Yellow Yarn (burnt on one end)

Hans van Klinken Leadhead Inspired Peeping Caddis

I found this fly in Oliver Edwards' Flytyers Masterclass.  Here is what Oliver Edwards had to say about the pattern:

"The Leadhead first came to my attention in 1988 when Hans van Klinken, the talented Dutch flydresser, made his first visit to Yorkshire. He made a tremendous impact on both fish and fisherman with what to us Yorkshiremen were unorthodox and outsized flies.

Hans fishes his Leadhead in a variety of ways: from dead drift using a well-oiled yard strike indicator, to lengthy 'across and down' casts with good mends when necessary. He also takes fish by simply twitching the Leadhead back upstream.

As you can imagine, building in the right amount of ballast is very much a hit and miss affair, and those who have coarse fished will appreciate just how critical weight below the float can be."

Note: The original pattern calls for "heavily applied and tightly dubbed fur from wild rabbit or hare's mask (guard hair included)". The case material is what varies from the original dressing