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Apr 27 2010

Saranac Salmon Contributor: Stripper

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Classification: Freshwater
Where / When: Saranac River, NY on May 2008
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Fly Used: Fly not entered.
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Saranac Salmon

Caught this 22" Landlocked a few years ago now. It was around 6pm and the Hendricksons were popping the surface. The fish wanted nothing to do with the streamers I was swinging. Instead they were steadily sipping the Hendricksons as they drifted on by. SO.... I tied on some 5x and a #14 Haystack for kicks and giggles. On my second drift this guy was connected! It was then that I realized I had used a not-so-good surgeons loop to attach my tippet. After quite a battle on my old 5wt this guy was brought to hand.