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Feb 26 2010

Tabou Daddy Contributor: Fotofisher
Website: Visit It !

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Classification: Freshwater Saltwater
Category: All Purpose Attractor Subsurface
Bugs & Baits: Crustaceans
Fish: All Purpose Bass Bonefish Carp Catfish Trout
Color(s): Brown Brown, Rusty Grizzly, Variant
Recipe viewed 4399 times. Recipe ID: 987655693

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Tabou Daddy

3x streamer hook. A size 12 is used in this example.
Lead wire
Hareline Dubbin Rusty Brown Ice Dub
A grizzly dyed brown rooster soft hackle with chick-a-bou pelt. (See step 3 below)
Grizzly dyed brown rooster soft hackle (Woolly Bugger style)
0.012" monofilament
Hareline Dubbin Rusty Brown Ice Dub

Soft Hackle & Chick-a-bou Crazy
I'm at it again. I just can't stay away from those chick-a-bou feathers. I look at them and wonder what I can come up with next. I can't quite explain it. I can't explain why I have a fascination for tying flies out of chick-a-bou. I imagine it's because a brahma hen soft hackle and chick-a-bou pelt is so versatile and the natural mottling is incredibly buggy looking. But every bird, male or female has a soft hackle with chick-a-bou pelt too. So I wondered what can I make with a rooster pelt? I dug out a Whiting Farms grizzly dyed brown rooster soft hackle with chick-a-bou pelt and messed with a few ways to tie a crayfish pattern. What I came up with, after 4 pattern variations, is a crayfish pattern that is easy to cast and has all the visual features of the real thing. And, consistent with the Tabou Series of flies, the materials are minimalistic and the tying steps are easy.

Originally published at The Global FlyFisher

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  • By: tikitorte
  • Date: 03/19/10
great crayfish pattern

-Easy to tie
-materials most people would have on hand
-good looking to people and fish
-falls in the category of KISS flies to tie, but also flies that should do well