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Feb 22 2010

Polar Perch Contributor: Fotofisher
Website: Visit It !

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: Clouser Streamer Subsurface
Bugs & Baits: Bait Fish
Fish: All Purpose Bass Trout
Color(s): Black Orange Peacock White Yellow
Recipe viewed 3227 times. Recipe ID: 987655687

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Polar Perch

3x long streamer hook, size 8-10
white 6/0
burnt orange polar bear (or substitute such as kid goat hair, old calf tail or buck tail)
natural white polar bear (or substitute such as kid goat hair, old calf tail or buck tail)
Chartreuse Krystal Flash on top of Pearlesent Krystal Flash
3 strands of peacock herl
Grizzly-dyed pale yellow
Guitar string brass nuts for G-String style. For non G-String style flies, black paint or stick-on eyes
Tapered Softex or any other pliable fixative

I've been tinkering around at the tying bench focusing my efforts on tying flies for warm water lake fishing. I've sampled the bellies of several trout and smallmouth I caught over the past year and overwhelmingly have found shad and perch minnows in their stomachs. This made me stop and think why I aren't fishing more patterns like this. So off I went, down in the dungeon of tying, where all my materials live neatly stored and indexed. I pulled out all kinds of materials to create a perch and shad imitation that can be cast easily without fouling up and would replicate the minnows I found this past summer. Below is the culmination of such a quest; the Polar Perch.

Originally published at The Global FlyFisher