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Feb 22 2010

Para-Hackle Emerger Contributor: Fotofisher
Website: Visit It !

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: All Purpose Emerger Parachute Subsurface Surface
Bugs & Baits: BWO/Baetis Drake Mayfly Misc Bug
Fish: Trout
Color(s): Green Olive Peacock Tan
Recipe viewed 4027 times. Recipe ID: 987655686

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Para-Hackle Emerger

A 1x-2x heavy wire curved nymph hook
Your choice (golden olive used in this example)
0.5mm Stretch Magic
Thread underbody
Poly-yarn post wrapped by an oversized dry fly hackle (Whiting Farms grizzly dyed olive used in this example)
Ice-Dub (light peacock used in this example)

Above Picture
A pair of Para-Hackle Emergers. Endless variations exist just by changing the hook thickness (for extra sink), the color of the thread, the dubbing and the hackle. Here, (L) a darker bodied PHE with dun hackle imitates a BWO emerger, whereas another version (R) has a lighter olive body with darker hackle that might imitate a drake.

What's Old is New
Para-hackles aren't new, but the technique sometimes gets forgotten or isn't taught frequently enough. This article aims to re-introduce this very effective technique of using dyr fly hackle to create an emerger halo-style fly. This particular way of tying the emerger, with Stretch-Magic as the body, creates an ultra-durable fly that will withstand many toothy fish.

Originally published at The Global FlyFisher