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Feb 20 2010

Price's Mississippi Mudflap Contributor: 
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Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: Attractor Foam Subsurface Surface
Bugs & Baits: Frog
Fish: Bass
Color(s): Olive Red White
Recipe viewed 4957 times. Recipe ID: 987655666

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Price's Mississippi Mudflap

Favorite SS hook for bass flies
3/0, color to match/compliment the fly colors
Weed Guard
50 lb. mono
4 inches of 6mm Bonnie Braid poly rope and two rabbit strips with super floss and ice-dub.
Three strips of 2mm foam, several Shlappen hackles, and superfloss
Red 2mm foam

My uncle in South Carolina has a mullet that can't be faded, it's so sick that it brings a tear to my eye. Better yet, dudes been rockin' it long as i can remember, 25+ years. It was in fashion, went out, came back in, went back out and came back in again, but my UNK ain't trendy, he'll whoop a Bass like sum buck too! A good mullet takes dedication, commitment and a hair stylist who can stay positive and convince you not to cut it when haters yell at ya. Someone told me once my Uncle had a Mississippi Mudflap, i wanted to slap that fool on the spot for knocking my idol. This one's for you UNK, and even though you don't have that red IROC Z anymore, i still won't forget the way you let that hair fly with your Oakley Blades on.

- Kevin Price