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Feb 18 2010

The Morrish Mouse Contributor: 
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Classification: Freshwater
Category: Attractor Deer Hair Foam Surface
Bugs & Baits: Attractor Mouse/Rat
Fish: Bass Steelhead Trout
Color(s): Black Brown Tan
Recipe viewed 6088 times. Recipe ID: 987655665

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The Morrish Mouse

#4 Tiemco 5263
Black 3/0
Brown rabbit strip trimmed to end tuft.
Black 6mm closed-cell foam trimmed into a long taper at the rear.
Spun dark cow elk or suitable alternative hair, trimmed.

The Morrish Mouse is unlike many mouse patterns on the market today in that it does not look like "traditional" mouse patterns; No cute ears, no cute little eyes, and no pointed nose built for diving. This mouse is buggy and floats like a cork. With the upturned lip of the foam you can make this mouse make all kinds of racket in the water.

The recipes, instructions, and instructional photos are courtesy of Fly Fisherman Magazine. This recipe appeared in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue in an article titled "Mastering the Mouse." You can read the entire article by following this link.