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Feb 8 2010

The Hopper Juan Contributor: Juan
Website: Visit It !

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: All Purpose Attractor Foam Surface
Bugs & Baits: Attractor Hopper Salmonfly Skwalla Stonefly
Fish: All Purpose Bass Trout
Color(s): Brown Pink Tan
Recipe viewed 5192 times. Recipe ID: 987655661

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The Hopper Juan

2XL such as TMC 5262 or MFC 7026 size 6-10
UTC 140 denier to match foam
2mm foam, cut to shape with chernobyl taper cutter.
Krazy glue with brush
MFC wing material, brown, cut with wing cutter.
Nature's Spirit early season cow elk
Krystal flash, pearl or U.V. pearl
Med. rubber legs, color to match body
MFC Gator Hair

At last, the blueprint for my Hopper Juan. The Hopper Juan was created in a desire to have a highly visible hopper pattern that covered a few criteria of mine: First, I wanted a pattern that I could call my own; I didn’t want to copy something already out there. Second, it had to look nice. I wanted to create a pattern that was simple and attractive, a reflection of my tying style. Third, it had to float well and be able to hold up a nice chunk of iron and tungsten. Fourth, it had to be high-viz for my clients that have trouble seeing a small duck on the water, and lastly, it had to catch fish and be durable enough to catch a bunch of them. I often fish a hopper dropper most of the year on a variety of different water. The Hopper Juan can be tied in orange, to reflect the bigger salmon flies or used in tan/brown for golden stones.

I have been fishing the HJ, for a few years now and it has been going through the modification process during that time. Many changes have been made, but the final product is what you see here. I make sure to treat each fly with Watershed, even though it is foam. It definitely makes a difference throughout the day as it soaks up less water. I usually follow the HJ with a heavy beadhead of some sort to make sure I offer the fish a second option. I will also follow that nymph with a third fly, usually a smaller, more imitative fly. Depending on seasonal hatches, it could be a BWO, midge or PMD nymph or emerger. John Barr calls this the "bait and switch". Bring them in with the attractor and they take the smaller fly. I like his thinking.

Tie up some HJs and go and fish them this summer. They are really not that complicated to tie and I am very proud of that. Let me know how you like them or let me know some suggestions for the fly. I plan to list some of my other patterns that I tie to drop from the Hopper Juan later down the road.

So here it is, the Hopper Juan...