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Oct 11 2009

The Gurglebug frog Contributor: PikeFFArticles
Website: Visit It !

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater Saltwater
Category: Foam Poppers/Sliders Surface Tube
Bugs & Baits: Frog
Fish: All Purpose Bass Pike/Muskie
Color(s): Black Brown Dark Olive Gold Red Yellow
Recipe viewed 3107 times. Recipe ID: 987655631

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The Gurglebug frog

Any large hook 6/0 and above or onto tube
Uni thread x - strong/Black
Olive & black schlappen feathers
Gold short wired garland
Olive marabou hairline
2 hour glass cut 55mm shapes of foam

This fly is probably one of the best all round surface & subsurface pike flies I have in my box. Can be fished with a floating line or intermediate & even a fast sinking line. Although Jack Gartside 1st used foam with his gurglers, I have changed things around with tying in the foam and now have what I call the gurglebug. This fly has caught me so many pike this season and can be tied on hooks but have found they last longer tied onto tubes. This fly is a fantastic popper fished with a floating line but I have found using an intermediate line allowed to sink for 20 sec before starting the retrieval that the fly gets dragged under the surface and will undulate with each strip. This is why the lip on top of the head is placed at the back which acts as a diving tool.