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Aug 27 2009

The Simple Simon baitfish Contributor: PikeFFArticles
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Classification: Freshwater
Category: Tube
Bugs & Baits: Bait Fish Leech
Fish: All Purpose Bass Panfish Redfish Stripers Trout
Color(s): White
Recipe viewed 3406 times. Recipe ID: 987655613

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The Simple Simon baitfish

Any small sized hook
Uni threadw 6/0 Black
Tie on one strand pearl tinsel flash
Tie on 10-12mm strip zonker raccoon fur
tie on another strand pearl tinsel flash and then one Ostrich hurl black.
whip finish and add a dab of head cement

When I looked at the flies other fly-fishermen are using to target Walleye/Zander, I found the only criteria they followed was to generally have a weighted head. Materials used varied, yet bucktail & plenty of flash is very popular tied clouser stylie with dumbbell eyes. As I mentioned last week the most effective way to target this species is with rubber jigs. So I thought why not simplify the fly down to the bare minimum and I’ve come up with “The Simple Simon”. If your looking for the easiest tie all year for targeting Perch/Walleye/Zander/Bass then here it is. Materials needed, Raccoon fur, Pearl tinsel & 1 Ostrich hurl strand.