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Jul 23 2009

Pom-Pom Spider Contributor: Gigmaster

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: Subsurface Terrestrial Wet
Bugs & Baits: Misc Bug
Fish: Bass Carp Panfish Trout
Color(s): Black Brown Lime
Recipe viewed 3467 times. Recipe ID: 987655601

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Pom-Pom Spider

Cabelas Model 01 Dry Fly Hook sz. 12
black 6/0 Uni-Thread
black Craft Pom Poms 3mm for the head and 5mm for the abdomen
black medium Sili Legs (any rubber legs or skirting material will work)

This is a simple spider pattern that drives bluegills wild. In larger sizes, bass attack them with abandon. I also catch trout on them. Unlike foam spiders, this one sinks veeerrryyy slowly as the pom poms soak up water, just like a real spider would. You can tie it in any color, or combination. The pom-poms are readily available at most craft stores, or online. You can also vary the size, anything from a tarantula-size, down to a size 18 or smaller, by using larger or smaller pom-poms. You can also imitate any species of spider by adding markings with Prismacolor markers. Fish this pattern by casting it and allowing it to set for 30 seconds to a minute. It will slowly begin sinking. You can give it some VERY light twitches to move the legs. This is best fished in still or very slow water. Allow it to drift, twitching it periodically. A strike indicator can be used if needed. Happy Fishing!