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May 19 2009

Triple Wing Caddis Contributor: 
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Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: All Purpose Deer Hair Dry Surface
Bugs & Baits: Caddis Misc Bug
Fish: All Purpose Trout
Color(s): Ginger Olive Rust
Recipe viewed 4801 times. Recipe ID: 987655579

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Triple Wing Caddis

Long shank, dry fly hook (size #8 shown here)
8/0 or 6/0, depending on the size you
Dubbing (olive, with antron shown here)
Fine deer or elk hair
Color is your choice (ginger shown here)

I have come to the conclusion that there are some fly patterns that I just plain LIKE to use. Sometimes they catch fish, sometimes they don't.

On more than one occasion I’ve been heard saying things like; “well, if I’m going to get skunked, it may as well be with a fly I like.” The following caddis pattern is one of the flies I like. In fact, I’ve chosen places to fish based solely on the fact that I might have success with it! It is a great “prospecting” fly that has proven effective on some pretty selective fish at times. If fishing for you means long hikes, covering water etc.~you might do well to include these in your selection. In the right size/color, I think they can suggest a wide variety of edibles for both warm and cold water fish.

So, what is it? I picked one of these up at a fly shop years ago, and can’t honestly tell you what it’s name is. If you’re interested in doing the Google work, feel free! I’d suggest using that time to start tying some of these flies instead.

The colors I’ve used in this tying sequence are very true to the originals I bought some time ago, but feel free to experiment. I play with the body and hackle colors mostly, and leave the wing a nice, easy-to-see color. I think a great deal of the effectiveness of this pattern comes from it’s buoyancy, and low-riding profile in the water. To keep it this way, I try to keep the hair wing from wrapping around the sides too much. To achieve this, pinch the bunches of hair in a tight clump on top of the hook shank, make 2 light wraps of thread, and begin to tighten on the 3rd. I use no more than about 5-6 wraps in total. When tying these in large sizes (or for bass in mouse-like sizes!) I’ll add some head cement to the tie-in point of each wing, AFTER the butt ends-of the hair have been cinched down. Tie them in an all-black color scheme if you’re fishing for big browns in the dark!

- Rob O'Reilly

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  • By: Inconnu
  • Date: 05/30/09
Triple Wing Review

I am a fan of simple flies. They work, you don't cry when you lose one and well, they really work. This pattern is basically a Mikiluk Sedge, the difference being a bit of hackle added to the equation.
Taking the time to do a great pictorial step-by-step and giving us another very easy fly to add to our repetoire is Excellent and welcomed by me. Thanks for adding it.
Just so you know it works with or without the hackle.