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Apr 19 2009

Freshwater Shrimp Contributor: abelreel

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: Subsurface
Bugs & Baits: Shrimp
Fish: Trout
Color(s): Olive
Recipe viewed 3381 times. Recipe ID: 987655577

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Freshwater Shrimp

Tiemco 200R size 18
8/0 uni-thread olive
Dyed olive Mallard flank
pearl flash blend or equivilant
Shell Back
light orange magic shrimp foil
Olive Antron dubbing
magic foil over larger amount of dub
burnt brown mono
Front Wing
Dyed olive Mallard flank

Anywhere shrimp are present and there doesnt seems to be any activity this pattern can be successful. Dead drift then a little lift is normally when the strike occurs. The eyes are burnt 30 lb monofilament. I use brown Maxima. Take a piece hold in a twizzers light the end till it starts to burn, blow it out. Now cut mono to about 1/2 long, repeat the other end. You might burn a few to short till you get the knack. The rest of the fly is quite easy to tie. I used to tie this pattern with microfibetts for antenae but saw no improvement in the catch. If you would like help in tying this pattern please feel free to pm me Ill be glad to help.

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  • By: Green Drake
  • Date: 12/29/09
Green Drake

Good fly for "salters".

  • By: Inconnu
  • Date: 05/30/09
Freshwater Shrimp

I would love to see a step-by-step for this pattern. Shrimp patterns are a must-have in the stillwater box and this looks like a good pattern. I think I would put this under a strike indicator on a windy day when it would get alot of wave action.