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Mar 28 2009

Floating Midge Pupa Contributor: 

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: Dry Emerger Nymph Pupa Subsurface Surface
Bugs & Baits: Midge
Fish: Trout
Color(s): Tan
Recipe viewed 4718 times. Recipe ID: 987655576

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Floating Midge Pupa

18 of smaller
8/0 Tan
Tan Evazote Foam
Tying Thread
Fine Gold or Silver Wire or Tinsel
Gray Nature's Spirit Emergence Dubbing or Peacock Hurl
White Antron

I've been fishing this color combination almost exclusively all winter since seeing tan pupa floating en masse in the current during periods of heavy rising on the SF. I used gold wire because it was the color I had on hand. I've also used tinsel and other materials in both gold and silver. The fish don't seem to care about the color. In fact, I'm sure this would fish just fine without the rib. For the hook, pictured is a standard dry fly hook. I've also used the "curved caddis" style. The fish don't seem to care, so I use the standard shape most often. First I tie in the rib material, then the antron, then the foam. I do it in this order so that the foam covers the antron and wire, resulting in a more natural shape. Then, tie in a small (and I do mean small) strip of foam just behind the hook eye. A good rule of thumb is to cut the foam about two to three times the diameter of the hook shank. Tie it down with touching thread wraps all the way back and tear off any extra foam. Run the thread back up to the thorax, then rib and tie off. Dub the thorax. I use the dubbing pictured for my floaters and peacock hurl for my non-foam versions, so I can tell them apart. Both work equally well. Pull back the antron and whip finish in front of it. Then trim the antron roughly the length of the thorax.

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  • By: abelreel
  • Date: 04/15/09
Midge Pupa

Great fly, I am a fanatic of very small flies for big fish. Very rarely do I fish anything larger than a 16. Mostly 22-32. I will give this a go and let you know. Good Job abelreel
     's reply:
         Glad you like this midge pupa. Had a chance to use it yet?

  • By: hexagenia
  • Date: 12/25/10
Thanks for the help

Im looking for a versitile fly to tie this winter and I think I found it. Your review was also helpful (specfically the suggestion of floater and non floater). My question for you is how the floater sits in the water? Is this still a sub surface or is it actually floating above? Either way, thanks for submitting it.