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Mar 5 2009

Baitfish Streamer Contributor: abelreel

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: Streamer
Bugs & Baits: Bait Fish
Fish: Steelhead Trout
Color(s): Olive White
Recipe viewed 3385 times. Recipe ID: 987655569

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Baitfish Streamer

Partridge Flash Point CZ #10
White 8/0 uni thread
Off White Polar fiber Synthetic
Olive Polar fiber synthetic
Slinky fiber gliss 'n glow flour fiber
gold with black centers, this fly has 1/8" eyes

This streamer has been known to work very well on the Niagra in the spring when the bows are in the shallows. Joe Penich a fellow tyer and flyfisher here in Ontario showed me this fly so here it is. Some of Joes Atlantic flies are truly amazing. Some of the tecniques he uses I apply to almost all my streamer and more difficult flies. When Tying this fly its very important to comb out the underfur of the underbody and the overbody before and during the tie. It helps to blend the materials just where you want them. Apply the baitfish strands last then comb again to blend once more. UV or epoxy the head.