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Feb 6 2009

Eyed Egg Contributor: dcarp
Website: Visit It !

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: Subsurface
Bugs & Baits: Egg
Fish: All Purpose
Color(s): Chartreuse Cream Lime Orange Pink Purple Red Yellow
Recipe viewed 3172 times. Recipe ID: 987655561

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Eyed Egg

Heavy Egg Hook Size 4-6
Flourecent Pink 6/0
Metal Dumbell Eyes - smooth or with iris
Z-lon, Antron, Crystal Flash, or Ice Dub
Glo Yarn, McFly Foam or similar product. Single or Multiple Colors

A simple egg pattern with weighted dumbell eyes to get the fly down in the water column and bounce along the bottom. The eyes are tied on top of the hook which causes the fly to drift upside down (hook up) reducing snags. Start thread near the eye of the hook. Attach eyes with several figure 8 wraps followed by several horizonal thread wraps between the eyes and the hook shank to lock them in place. Place a small drop of head cement, zap-a-gap, or super glue. Continue thread down the hook shank and tie in Z-lon or Antron tail material. Return thread to 1/3 of the shank. Take two 1-1/2" peices of glo-yarn, fly foam or similar material of your base color and one micro or split peice of your "dot" color and place on the hook at the tie in point. Hold the yarn in place and pinch snuggly as you make 4 or 5 tight wraps of thread in the same spot. Release yarn and pull toward back of the fly so that you can make a few wraps at the base of the cluster and work forward to the tie off and whip finish behind the eyes. Add a couple drops of head cement. Finally, pull all the yarn straigt up from the hook shank, using very sharp scissors, cut the yarn bundle about a 1/4 above the hook shank. Fluff and tease the yarn around the hook and trim to final shape.