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Dec 27 2008

Winter's Hope Contributor: dcarp
Website: Visit It !

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: Streamer Subsurface Wet
Bugs & Baits: Bait Fish Shrimp
Fish: Steelhead
Color(s): Blue Orange Purple Red Yellow
Recipe viewed 2723 times. Recipe ID: 987655555

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Winter's Hope

Daiichi Alec Jackson 1.5
Dark Red Danville 6/0
Silver Mylar
Body Hackle
Kingfisher Blue Schlapen Hackle
Purple Schlappen Hackle
Two Yelllow Saddle Hackle tips (inside) and Two Orange Saddle Hackle Tips (outside) Tented
Orange Calftail, Dyed Fox or Bucktail - very sparse (Optional)

This is one of my favorite Winter Steelhead Flies, not only for it's beauty, but also for it's name. Bill McMillan, a Pacific Northwest steelheader, came up with this fly in the 1970's. It's tied on larger hooks and features very bright colors to move those stubborn winter fish from their cold water holdig spots. It's generally fished on a long leader with floating line. Winter steelhead are said to be the "Fish of a Thousand Casts", but this fly will make them move. It's very nice looking in the vise, but in the water it's amazing. Probably not the first choice in gin-clear water or you'll scare the crap out of every fish for a mile both up and downstream, but in cloudy and murky water, this is the fly to choose. When I tie this fly on a leader, it gives me some added confidence. I know for sure if there is a fish around, it will take notice of this fly. The rivers here are rising and getting a little murky this week (12/27/2008) and I've got to be up in the 900's for casts without a winter fish. I think I'll finish out the year with this fly exclusively.......

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  • By: tgoodwater2002
  • Date: 12/28/08
Love it

This is such a pretty fly!