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Nov 25 2008

Conehead Leach (AKA Zuddler) Contributor: dcarp
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Classification: Freshwater Saltwater
Category: Streamer Subsurface
Bugs & Baits: Bait Fish Leech
Fish: Bass Carp Pike/Muskie Salmon Seatrout Steelhead Stripers Trout
Color(s): Purple
Recipe viewed 4027 times. Recipe ID: 987655536

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Conehead Leach (AKA Zuddler)

Mustad Heavy 2-6
Danville to match body
Silver or Gold
Ice Dubbing
Rabbit Zonker
Deer Hair

This is a fly that is actually one of those "mergers" of a couple different patterns.  It's used for Steelhead here in the PNW, but I think it would be effective for Stripers, Salmon and other predatory game fish.

It has some very interesting "in the water" characteristics.  The cone head gives it some weight to get down quick.  The Deer hair collar and overwing give it some bouyancy, and the rabbit zonker wing/tail give it some wiggle.

 A great all-around leach/baitfish fly.


Place cone on hook and move to eye.  For extra weight, wrap front 1/3 of hook shank with lead substitute.  Start thread and bind down lead sub.  Lay down a thread base back to hook barb area. Dub with Ice dub or antron/rabbit blend and build body to approximately 1/8" in back of cone.  Tie in rabbit zonker on top.  A couple strands of krystal flash might go in here as well.  Select, clean and stack a pencil diameter size clump of deer hair.  Tie in between the rabbit zonker and cone head.  Tie off and whip finish.  Press cone back over the deer hair and start new thread in front of the cone.  Whip finish and cement.