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Nov 6 2008

Quillayute (Syd Glasso) Contributor: dcarp
Website: Visit It !

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Classification: Freshwater Saltwater
Category: Streamer Wet
Bugs & Baits: Crustaceans Shrimp
Fish: Salmon Seatrout Steelhead
Color(s): Orange Red
Recipe viewed 5350 times. Recipe ID: 987655526

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Quillayute (Syd Glasso)

Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey Iron 1.5
Flame Orange 6/0
Flat Gold
Flame Orange - 2/3 Silk Floss, 1/3 Angora or Seal Substitute
Oval Gold Tinsel
Body Hackle
Dyed Blue Eared Pheasant or Schlappen
Gadwall or Teal Flank (one side stripped)
Golden Pheasant Feathers (4), Tented
Tying Thread

The Quillayute is a Syd Glasso fly designed for Pacific Northwest Steelhead.  Mr. Glasso was a resident of Forks, Washington, a town near the convergence of several of Washington's famous Steelhead rivers.

 Glasso tied some amazing original flies based on Old World Spey Flies designs.  His trademark "Herons" were slim bodied flies with long flowing heron spey hackles and Hackle Tip - somewhat upright - wings. 

The Quillayute is unique in that the wings are contructed of Golden Pheasant feathers (4) making a roof or tent over the fly body, similar to old spey flies that use bronze mallard or turkey.  The result is a "flowing" wing that resembles, in some ways, a General Practitioner shrimp pattern.

Glasso flies features an extremely small and neat head, especially considering the amount of material loaded at the front.  My example here falls well short of that........


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  • By: DoubleHaul
  • Date: 11/06/08

I see a couple of my favorite fall colors here. Orange and wine. dcarp ties a mean spey streamer- nice