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Oct 28 2008

Hornberg Contributor: dcarp
Website: Visit It !

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater
Category: Streamer
Bugs & Baits: Bait Fish
Fish: Trout
Color(s): Gray Red Silver Yellow
Recipe viewed 4024 times. Recipe ID: 987655523

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Streamer 2x or 3x
Red 6/0
Flat Silver Mylar
Yellow Saddle Hackle Tips
Mallard Flank Feathers
Jungle Cock Eyes
Soft Grizzley Saddle Hackles (2) wrapped in opposite directions.
Red tying thread

Frank Hornberg was a classic old-time game warden and a colorful public figure during his service as Game Warden in Portage County Wisconsin from 1920 to 1950. The Hornberg fly, created by him in the 1920’s, is still tied commercially and has established itself as a standard trout fly pattern. This fly can be fished wet or dry. You want to cast this fly out and let it sit on the surface for a while. You can also fish it at any depth in 2 to 3 foot strips.

Lay down a thread base, wrap body from head to hook point with Flat Mylar Tinsel in side-by-side wraps, then wrap forward in slightly overlapping wraps.  Tie in two yellow saddle hackle tips flat along each side.  Cover with Mallard Flank side and Jungle Cock Eyes. Tie in two grizzley saddle hackles (soft) and wrap one forward normally, and counter-wrap the second.  Create a neat head and whip finish.  Add a drop of cement to the rear of the fly and pinch to a point.  Note: Make sure to leave adequate room in front of the wings for a full hackle. 

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  • By: dugster
  • Date: 04/11/10

I have used these tied all orange for years to catch smallmouth bass.They work nice.