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Sep 29 2008

General Practitioner Contributor: dcarp
Website: Visit It !

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Classification: Freshwater Saltwater
Category: Streamer
Bugs & Baits: Shrimp
Fish: Salmon Seatrout Steelhead
Color(s): Black Orange Pink Purple Red
Recipe viewed 3611 times. Recipe ID: 987655512

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General Practitioner

Salmon or Spey hook 1.5 to 2/0
Orange 6/0
Flat Gold
Orange Faux Polar Bear, Skunk, or Bucktail - long - extending 1" past hook bend.
Orange Angora Dubbing
Oval Gold
Body Hackle
Orange Schlappen
Golden Pheasant Neck Feather, notched and mounted mid-shank extending to hook bend.
Rear Wing
2 Golden Pheasant body feathers, tips extending to first "bar" on Pinchers
Front Wing
2 Golden Pheasant body feathers, extending back to center of Rear Wing
Orange Dyed Guinea or Gadwall
Orange Thread

The General Practitioner was developed in the early 1950's by Lt Colonel Esmond Drury as an imitation of a shrimp to be used on the River Test.

One of my favorite patterns to tie and fish.  Try various colors - Purple, Black, Red, Wine. 

1.  Lay down thread base

2.  Tie in and lay down tag, tie in tail material & clip excess.

3.  Tie in rib and body hackle

4.  Dub thread and wrap forward to midpoint, tie off, run rib and body hackle to midpoint and tie off, but leave excess.

5.  Tie in notched GP neck feather, overlay with GP back feathers.

6.  Dub thread again and wrap to head, follow with rib and hackle, tie off and clip excess.

7.  Tie in front wing of GP back feathers, add collar and create head.