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Sep 3 2008

Bread fly Contributor: Silverinvicta

Recipe Tags

Classification: Freshwater Saltwater
Category: Attractor Wet
Bugs & Baits: Misc Bug
Fish: All Purpose Carp
Color(s): White
Recipe viewed 2644 times. Recipe ID: 987654380

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Bread fly

Any medium shank.. own preference
sheer 14/0 white
white soft tanned rabbit strip

A great pattern for Carp, Mullet.. and any species that are omniverous. The simplest to dress. Used extensively in the UK for Mullet especially. Has taken many species on a recent holiday by a friend of mine fishing from the the shore at Ibiza.. The same dressing when dressed in medium to light green / red is a cracking Attractor for Algae/soft weed eating fishes. ie Mullet etc. Its formed from soft tanned rabbit body, cut into fine strips ( 3/32" )approx..or as fine as you can manage. run the thread down from head to above point of hook.. taper the end of the rabbit strip and tie in. Take the thread back to the eye. Wrapm the rabbit strip around nthe shank of the hook untill the eye is reached... tie off... no head as such is needed... varnish. Fish it on the drop, ie slow sink. I have rated this for miscellaneous bug.