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Aug 11 2008

Sandeel Contributor: Silverinvicta

Recipe Tags

Classification: Saltwater
Category: All Purpose Wet
Bugs & Baits: Bait Fish
Fish: All Purpose
Color(s): Olive Silver White
Recipe viewed 2538 times. Recipe ID: 987654369

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any medium or short shanked hook, Carp hooks ?
Uni 8/0
Arctic fox plate.. (body fur)
Silver, nylon craft cord
Silver coloured dumbells
Olive fox tail or bucktail
White fox or bucktail

A sandeel imitation... I devised this lure earlier this year... only tried it once, had no more opportunity... took Pollock and mackeral off a jetty mark.. Hope to try it for Bass very soon.. I am very confident it will catch well....Dress on any short or medium length shanked hook. Size to a 2 Pics are dressed on size 6.....Run thread, whatever colour you want, to over the barb of hook. ...The tail is a bunch of cream black tipped fur from the body fur of arctic fox...you can make any fur black tipped with Permanent marker pens..If you cant get natural.    Take the bunch of fur and put a small tight whip around the base of the fibres and varnish the whipping.. this will make it easy to insert it into the end of the craft cord. Before inserting it into the craft cord a smear of superglue, or better, Epoxy, will make sure it dont pull out.. I whip the end of the craft cord with sparkle thread as an attracter point.. colour of your own choice. now whip the open end of the craft cord onto the hook shank, on the same side as you are going to put the dumbell eyes leaving short of the eye to leave room for the head...super glue on the shank makes sure it dont twist...Now whip the the dumbell on to the hook shank short of the eye, again, leaving room to make the head, ...When dry, Take a bunch of white fox fur  from the tail, you can use bucktail, I like fox...Tie it over the top of the dumbell and back toward the tail, tying in front of the eyes and close behind,, varnish the whip..Taper the bunch of fur in front of the eyes by cutting at and angle, this makes a neater head. Turn the lure over in the vise, if you are using one, these are quite easy to tie in the hands. And take another bunch of olive fox fur/ bucktail and tie in the same way as the white but on the reverse side of the hook.. this makes the back.. Epoxy the dumbell and head after dressing the lure for longevity.. allow to dry..Job done after making sure all whips are varnished.  

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  • By: dcarp
  • Date: 10/07/08


I think you've got something pretty special here with this pattern. I'd like to try a few for the Puget Sound, Washington area. They use a lot of Clouser and Deciever style flies up that way for Coho and Sea Run Cutthroat. I bet something like this would work great!

Nice Work!

Dave (dcarp)