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Mar 23 2014

Chell's Permanent Eye FlyPopular Contributor: mikechell

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Chell's Permanent Eye Fly

variable, but I used a salt water #2 regular shank
There will be a little showing at the "mouth" so pick a color.
Craft foam, 2mm, any color you want
large copper wire (or equivalent) and a large faceted bead
I like congo hair ... might try marabou for more movement

Reading about eyes falling off, I wanted to create something that could not lose an eye.

Reading about crease flies gave me an idea.

It's still a project, so your final steps might differ from mine.


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  • By: mikechell
  • Date: 03/24/14
too much paint

Thanks. They worked pretty good. But if you decide to tie some up ... be careful with the coatings. The ones I put two coats of fingernail polish on, sank. Slowly, and they still caught fish, but they sank. The ones with only one coat, float as described.