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Mar 2 2012

Sloan's Lake Sea Monster Contributor: crtroutschool

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Classification: Freshwater
Category: Attractor Streamer Wet
Bugs & Baits:
Fish: Bass Pike/Muskie Trout
Recipe viewed 4592 times. Recipe ID: 987655952

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Sloan's Lake Sea Monster

1/0 Saltwater hook
Heavy duty 6/0 Black
Black Rabbit Zonker
Zonker Black
Black Marabou
Black Marabou
Crystal/ 6 Stans per side
Under Abdomen
Black Marabou

 Came up with this bad boy while drinking Jameson with a crew that was fishing Grey Reef. I fyou have ever fished it you will understand the name! This is more of a pike fly than anything but I will try it on some browns during the spawn!!!

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  • By: the rod tosser
  • Date: 03/10/12
? on the sides

It looks like you also have badger hackle for the sides of the fly