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Feb 29 2012

Pink trout slammerPopular Contributor: bkenyon

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Classification: Freshwater
Category: Dry Parachute
Bugs & Baits:
Fish: Trout
Color(s): Pink
Recipe viewed 5373 times. Recipe ID: 987655946

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Pink trout slammer

# 12 straight shank
8/0 black
pink deer hair
red rooster hackle
gray rabbit dubbing
Body Hackle
brown saddle hackle

This dry fly is to grab the attention of brook trout. the fly has a tuft of pink elk or deer hair at the front of the shank with a neutral hackle and thick tail on a #12 straight shank hook.   

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  • By: brookflys
  • Date: 03/01/12

Nice job BKenyon. Seems you are getting there. Keep it up