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May 25 2011

Giant Trevally Contributor: Marius

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Fish: Saltwater - Other
Where / When: Maldives on March2011
Bugs & Baits:
Fly Used: Munch
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Giant Trevally

I was scouting for hungry GT's and had failed in hooking up on several when this beauty came into the Atoll from the open Ocean , not suspecting anything ,I placed the fly about two metres ahead of it and it immediately swallowed it and turned and headed for the sea again,needless to say but it was immensly powerful and after about 20 minutes I was very relieved to finally hold it in my arms.It was safely released after a quick photo shoot.

I used a profile fly tied Lefties Deceiver style with SF fibers and a grizzly olive saddle tail.

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  • By: DHise
  • Date: 07/26/11

HELLZ YES! The greatest species in the world.