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Dec 26 2010

Australian Bass and Saratoga Contributor: cassje

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Australian Bass and Saratoga

This video features the location and techiques for catching Saratoga and Australian bass. The video also shows the flies we developed for catching these fish. Similiar versions of these flies may work on your large and small mouth bass....just a matter of innovation and application. Rabbit fur is a consistant feature of these flies along with marabou tails and a little krystal flash. The flies I often use are small so they can be cast with my Taransky cane 5 wt but bigger version on larger hooks would be easy to do.

The flies have great movement in the water and catch fish on the drop after casting. The strip we find most successful is two, slow short strips of a foot or more ,then a long pause of 8 seconds.... as the fly sinks the bass and saratoga strike.