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Mar 2 2010

Chip Drozenski

Chip Drozenski

I have been an avid fly fisherman and tier for the last forty years. I knew Art Flick and was initially influenced and trained in the Catskill School of tying. My tying style has been greatly influenced by Rene Harrop, Mike Lawson, Charlie Broe, Hans Weilenmann, Gary LaFontaine and numerous guides that I have met over the years. I believe that simplicity, silhouette, profile, movement and a trigger, like oversized wings, teardrop shuck, etc. are most important in fly design and construction. I have been impressed with designs that concentrate on profile and material movement and have combined these different techniques into effective fly patterns. My objective is to find flies that outperform on very selective fish. The thread flies (BWO, PMD, NO NAME, TRICO, BROWN DRAKE) have met this objective based on reports from a number of guides and fishermen that have tested them. Designed as an emerger and/or cripple, the thread fly is also deadly at the end of the drift as a wet fly. Although a drawback is durability, they are easy to tie and Amadou and Frog's Fanny keep them floating. Some feedback from those that have tried the T/F design reported minimal success with the flies they initially tied. Upon inspection in all cases the wings of these flies were too short and not tilted forward. When the tiers retied my patterns with a more pronounced wing tilting forward their success went up dramatically. Now that I am retired and part of a company that does trips in Patagonia, ANDES DRIFTERS, I get a chance to more rigorously test my patterns on the many spring creeks and rivers that I fish in Argentina.

You can visit chips company by visiting Andes Drifters

I am interested in any feedback. Good Luck!



  • Uploaded: Mar 2, 2010
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CMC - Can't Miss Caddis

Can't Miss Caddis! Note: Angora ribbing and Gen “X” dubbing colors can vary to your liking. Fish take this fly VERY aggressively! Photo courtesy of ...

  • Uploaded: Mar 2, 2010
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MR. WIGGLY CADDIS Photo courtesy of Hans Weilenmann

  • Uploaded: Mar 2, 2010
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Thread Fly Concept The thread fly is designed to accentuate profile/silhouette and movement of the CDC shuck. One CDC feather and thread. It is dea ...

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